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August 27, 2019
How to Find the Right Venue
Manhattan Penthouse

first impression

We love seeing a client's face light up when they first walk into our Palladian Reception Room with the huge arched windows facing north and east. So, that's an important factor: the way you feel when you first walk in. Our Palladian Room is circled with rich details: our huge oak paneled and stained glass bar with three arched mirrors the same shape as the Palladian windows across the room, and that alternates with stained glass and mirror panels like the bar. Plus our stereo system, grand piano, cushioned window seats, and coat room.

ROOM with a View

We're three rooms, not just one, looking out over the city in every direction. Views are important to Manhattan party-goers, as we are proud of our city and our place in it. Our historic building was the first skyscraper in the area, Fifth Avenue and 14th Street, the start of the Village and just off Union Square. Our Palladian windows frame panoramic views of iconic real estate, a dazzling part of our décor. Our framed views are giant works of three dimensional art. When you choose to host a wedding in New York City, having the option of the beautiful skyline is an important consideration. 


Location is crucial, as it determines many factors for your guests, such as travel time, hotel rooms, sight-seeing, and others. Manhattan Penthouse is near most of the important subway lines in Manhattan, making travel within the city a breeze. We look down on Union Square, which is a hotel and transportation hub, just a block east and the westside lines are nearby to the west. For those driving, our partner garage is 300 feet away and offers our clients half priced parking.

Décor at the Manhattan Penthouse

Decor is one of the most exciting components of any event. Manhattan Penthouse is loft-like, relatively non-commercial, and like your grand home for the day. Entering guests have been heard to exclaim, "I'd love to live here!" Our decor has been described as a blend of traditional and modern.

We stay current with decor trends, and that moved us recently to paint our entire space a beautiful white, which is really the lightest warm grey you can imagine without being able to tell it's grey! Our low key moldings add a subtle texture to a fantasy space. In addition we have added wall wash lighting in choice of colors. Our polished steel Palladian windows are a silvery accent along with our silver rimmed china, Kings Shell silverware, and silver chairs.

our rich dining experience

We believe we provide an extraordinary dining experience that starts with our very top cuisine and services and that harmonizes with our gorgeous decor and surrounding city lights, not unlike the Rainbow Room. We serve beautiful plates of food that go a significant step further in taste and composition than banquet room foods. Our classically trained French chef has continued to add eclectic, creatuve foods to our menu, while keeping our clents' favorite choices over the years.

Nothing is more important to us than our sauces, plate presentations, and waiter service to dining tables. We constantly experiment with new selections, taking cues from Bon Appetit, the Wednesday food section of the New York Times, and visits to top restaurants. Catering a dinner to 175 guests is very different from preparing foods at a restaurant. It has been our constant challenge to serve fine cuisine to our guests that appears to have just been carefully cooked by a top chef, and we have developed a range of strategies to accomplish this.

Event Planning

Couples and corporate representatives need assistance in planning events, maintaining certain budgets, and making sure events are done perfectly. Our executive planners, Monika and Jeno, have been written up in the media many times for their professionalism, their availability, their charm, and the fact that they make themselves present to make sure the event is done well.  

Location, views, decor, cuisine, services, planning, and value are our bywords. Manhattan Penthouse’s team and amenities make it simple and easy to navigate the serious task of hosting an event.

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