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October 07, 2019
Manhattan Penthouse Constantly Renews
Sam Milliken


It was time to respond to a strong trend towards an interest in white loft-like spaces, and we did a beautiful job. Our elegant moldings, simple and restrained from the beginning, add a subtle texture to the white walls. Colors look wonderful against our white, which is really about the lightest grey you can possibly imagine. Fashion looks wonderful against our white. Our projected colors look wonderful. And, most of all, the colors of our Palladian framed views of city skyscrapers in every direction look wonderful.

Silver is our other theme: Our silver chairs, silver place settings, and silvery framed Palladian windows add a traditional touch in a modern-feeling space.  We have managed to effect a beautiful blend of modern and traditional that you will enjoy, a look that is very non-commercial and yet hendsome and modern with some traditional touches.

We added park benches in front of our south windows, and we added blue cushions on our window seats.

We fixed a problem with one of our two ladies' rooms.  The door swung inward, taking up too much interior space. We removed it and installed a "barn door", which solved the problem and looks fabulous. 




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