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May 30, 2019
Planning a Wedding Reception
Sam Milliken

Planning a Wedding Reception

My company and I have catered wedding receptions since 1973, and I have reason to believe that we have probably catered more wedding receptions than anyone — in mansions, townhouses, lofts, condos, and our penthouse and sister venues. It has always been fun, exciting and challenging to meet new couples and plan, because each couple is different. 

A wedding reception is usually the first major event that a couple plans. Meeting a couple for the first time to discuss the reception is the beginning of a special friendship, marked by the months of planning a beautiful reception. Listening to their hopes, goals, dreams, plans, likes and dislikes about catering and venue arrangements — that’s the satisfying, exciting part full of possibility and creativity. 

However, sometimes there can be disagreements with one’s spouse, family, or friends. It can get challenging for catering executives to give opinions about options without seeming pushy or rigid, but that’s where expertise plays a large role in bridging those differences. We’ve produced successful receptions for decades and know how to iron out the details in an amicable manner. 

How to Plan the Reception Details 

On one hand, wedding receptions can be viewed as simple. The major categories to plan are the cocktail reception and dinner menu; the bar service, dinner wines, and champagne toast; the layout and seating arrangements; and the sequence and timing.

Those are the major catering details, but there are several other reception details that are important, such as music, photography, flowers, invitations, venue decorations, and rehearsal dinner (just to name a few).

Even if the couple is involved in planning most all of the details that take place outside of the reception venue, it is gratifying to know that the reception itself is successfully placed in the hands of a great catering executive so that one can concentrate on the other details. 

Making choices and placing orders in each of these categories can be easy or difficult. In around a year’s time or sometimes sooner, each detail can be checked off and assured that it was done correctly — particularly in a place that has many resources, like Manhattan.

The Perks of an Experienced Staff

For years I took brides on tours of different venue options, but in recent years we promote our own three venues, each one a different size, style, and pricing. Along with our venues, we provide the option of a well-trained catering executive. It helps to have an experienced and knowledgeable catering executive to rely on. 

Our outstanding catering executives, Monika and Jeno, studied catering and hospitality in, coincidentally, the same college in Budapest and had years of experience before coming to Manhattan Penthouse. We were so lucky to hire this dynamic duo, and now they have over twenty years of planning and managing wedding receptions every week at Manhattan Penthouse and, for the smaller receptions, at Alger House. Their success has resulted in their names being mentioned so many times in the social media in terms of their professionalism and charm.

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