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August 01, 2019
Sights and Savings on Sundays and other Daytimes at Manhattan Penthouse
Sam Milliken

sights and savings on sundays and daytimes at manhattan penthouse

There are tremendous advantages to booking a daytime event such as a lunch reception for a wedding, a graduation, or a corporate event. Daytimes are used less then evenings for events, therefore rates are lower. But at Manhattan Penthouse, the views are glorious during the day: more colors, more iconic buildings, more sweeping panoramas. It just feels good to be up in the air with the city spread around you. And our white and silver loft-like decor seems almost other- worldly.

Wedding receptions during the day on Saturdays and sundays

Couples should consider daytime events more, for the savings and for the beauty. Daytime party time is transformational. What I mean is that as soon as you walk in to a lunch time event, it feels just as great as if it was in the evening. Friends, music, open bar, good food all play a part in making the time feel magical, particularly in an airy environment surrounded by the city. When I was at an age when my friends were getting married, many had daytime receptions, and, even though there was plenty of food, at the end of the reception there was a favorite restaurant that we loved to go to. It was called Cedars of Lebanon in the Murray Hill area and had wonderful middle eastern cusine and belly dancers. All of that extended the wedding reception and made for a wonderful day and evening.

Sunday wedding receptions are awesome at manhattan penthouse

Saturday evening is a favorite time for a wedding reception, but Sundays have some special characteristics and benefits. Sunday weddings usually start at 3 or 4 PM, and the guests experience the changes in lighting from afternoon to twilight to nighttime, as blue skies darken to violet and indigo and then turn into a black backdrop for an amazing array of iconic city lights. Then there is time to get home at an earlier time to rest for work the next day. I am amazed at the views during the day with sunlight glancing off the buildings.  Some photos from this time are on our Wedding and Corporate pages.


These times are less used in the summar, and we recommend them highly. After a Friday wedding, if all your important out-of-town guests can get to New York, one has the whole weekend left to enjoy.  

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