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November 13, 2019
Three Top Venues for Relatively Small Events
Sam Milliken

three top smaller venues for 15 to 200 guests.....call 212-627-8838

Smaller venues aren't easy to find, particularly when many venues have minimum numbers and rates.  Here are three great options in Manhattan.  

sassy for 15 to 50 or 75 guests

Sassy is a brand new space in the West Village, Manhattan, and it has been booking events for 15 to 50, including some wedding reception dinner for only 40 guests.  Sassy is a sophisticated space with refined details, and it lies over a huge professional kitchen and chef staff in the basement, making it easy to serve the finest food for less than usual.  We cater dinners for as few as 15. Go to www.28sassy.com. 

alger house for 35 to 75

Alger House is much larger, a very creative mansion for up to 75, but probably not less than about 35. Alger House has been a great choice for smaller weddings and corporate parties.  Go to www.algerhouse.com 

manhattan penthouse for 75 to 200

Manhattan Penthouse is an 8000 square foot penthouse aerie overlooking the city in every direction from a floor high above Fifth Avenue next to Union Square.  Go to www.manhattanpenthouse.com

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