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June 19, 2019
Wedding Trends in 2019
Sam Milliken
Photo of bride and groom during wedding ceremony

New Wedding Trends in Decor

As Millennials get married, certain venue characteristics have become important. Windows and Views are important, as couples are proud of their city and enjoy sharing it visually in their receptions. Our Palladian windows look out in every directions at vast panoramas of iconic real estate. We have some of he best views on earth!

A second trend has been loft-like venue spaces painted white, and this summer we found the perfect white for our space, a white that gives a mythic quality to our loft-like space. We are so happy with this choice, as Manhattan Penthouse seems brand new to us. We all have a renewed excitement in showing each client around our Palladian Room and Compass Ballroom.

A third trend has been color washes for walls and columns, and we have begun to implement these kinds of color choices in our production.

A fourth trend has been renting while or colored lounge furniture, sometimes with lucite coffee tables. Renting is easy for us, as we have a great freight elevator that can work anytime in a 24 hour period. Going with the lucite look, we recently changed our traditional oak lecturn to a beautiful lucite one. 

White is a great background for colors when choosing linens, flowers, and fashion. At night, when the surrounding buildings are illuminated, color will stream in through the windows, and the white acts as a wonderful complement to that display. 

Polished steel is a popular aesthetic, and our Palladian windows — which are made of polished steel — encapsulate that desired aesthetic perfectly. In order to round out the tableau we recently made additional changes to the details of the room to be more silver in color. For example, our now silver ballroom chairs, our gorgeous King Shell silverware, our silver-rimmed china, and our silvery Palladian windows combine with our white walls to create a lovely environment for special dining. Our silver and white look is wonderful.

There has been an increased interest in renting rectangular dining tables, including standard banquet tables lined up end to end around the room with choice of linens or renting heavy rustic tables of bare wood without linens to cover. We have rented these, and our website shows some photos and video displaying these trendy pieces.

Trends in Catering and Food

Clients are more interested in foods that are organic and obtained from small farms. Foods must be nut-free, light, and plated with utmost attention to design. In other words, the food must be “Instagram-worthy.”  We have evolved our food to be more artistic and more rustic. We changed our bar straws to paper instead of plastic.

A popular trend among couples is to diversify their food offerings. Asian, Mexican, Caribbean, and Central and South American-inspired foods have increased in popularity. Heat is expected in some hors d’oeuvre, and various kinds of chilis have become prevalent in our some of our flavor profiles. We have some wonderful sauces, including our Emerald Herbal Sauce, our Red Pepper Coulis, our Smoky Ancho and Plum Tomato Sauce, our Pineapple, Ginger and Soy Coulis, and our Orange Beurre Blanc and Balsamic combination. We have become very fond of Panko breading, but we also have kept our Pecan Dusted preparation with Dijon and Tarragon Sauce.

How We Respond to the Trends

Manhattan Penthouse has adapted to all these new trends when our clients request them, as we take great care to listen to their needs. The décor, venue colors, and food offerings are flexible, but our timeless features still add attractive, breathtaking qualities for clients. Whatever your desires, we are here to accommodate your requests and create a memorable event for you and your guests. 

Customizing is a pleasure for us, when clients come in with spacific requests and even recipes to prepare one or two their favorite dishes.  Clients are always pleased with how we respond to these customizations. 

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