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Sterling Blooms, (646) 290-8818.  OUR FAVORITE FLORIST TO WORK WITH.
Butterflies and Zebras NY, (516) 333-0830. Stylish designs with reasonable budgets.
Ariston Florist, (212) 929-4226. A major commercial florist.
The Flower Girls, (212) 721-6327. Good work.
REBLOOM, (212) 721-6327. This service picks up flower arrangements after an event to resell them to raise money for charity and pays a small amount back to event host.


Sarah Merians Photography, (212) 633-0502. Has been in business for a long time and is very dependable.
Alex Z Photography, (212) 421-5402. She has shot here many times and creates amazing videos and photos. Our pick.
Le Image Photography, (718) 222-2922. Takes lots of photos in order to select the best.
Dan Lane Williams, DLW Photography, (917) 754-7051. Extremely fine photographer who captures great moments by taking many shots to get the best.


Caroline Z. Bazzini, (516) 380-3838. Highly recommended, great service.


Alex Donner Entertainment, (212) 752-2920. A sophisticated society orchestra.
Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks, (718) 376-3489. Golden age of music, extraordinary.
Lapis Luna Vintage Jazz and Swing, (888) 376-800-3526. Great vintage jazz music.
Rich Greenfield’s New York Edge Music, a really great band. 646-641-4414, mobile.Selected by our clients many times.
The Klezmer Connection, (888) 828-8778. Great Jewish and American band!
Kathleen Walsh Music, (212) 581-0608. Great musician and value with a robust style.
Rolf Barnes, (212) 595-0382. There is no finer pianist anywhere, for cocktails or band. Very top bands, reasonable.


Scratch Weddings, (866) 955-8580. Highly skilled DJs with an emphasis on customization and repertoire. Our pick for dependable great DJ's.
A Starry Night Music, (212) 946-5119, Cell (914) 316-6038 
The Compact Disc Jockeys, (917) 685-1112. Good selection, compact systems, great work.


Veniero’s, (212) 674-7070. Best low cost cake.
Cakes By Nicolle, (917) 579-0034
Sweet Sweet Sue’s, (718) 966-2253. Very fancy custom cake designers and lessons in cake decorating.
Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, (212) 625-3369. Extremely elegant custom cakes.
Amy’s Bread, (212) 675-7802. Great local option.


Brenna Drury, (551) 795-3029. Wonderful makeup artist with an array of styles. Has worked our events before and done a fabulous job.]
Anabelle LaGuardia, (212) 340-4772. Excellent ability.


Donna Distefano Ltd., (212) 594-3757. Incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces to pass on to heirs.


Imperial Parking, 7 E. 14th Street. Get ticket stamped by our coat check for a discounted rate! They are just a tiny bit East of our intersection!


Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is a complimentary service that will search, negotiate and book your hotel block for your out-of-town wedding guests. Our team of licensed meeting planners will save you time, energy, and money by leveraging our relationships to get you the best deals and rates at any hotel. Superior service is paramount to the Kleinfeld name, and that carries through to you and your out-of-town wedding guests with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks.
The Hotel Giraffe, 365 Park Ave South, New York.
W Union Square, 201 Park Ave South, New York (Very close, just the other side of Union Square Park).
Hyatt Union Square, 134 4th Avenue, New York (very close).
The Walker Hotel, 52 W 13th Street, New York. Just around the corner, a great vintage hotel, fabulous rooms, Society Café Restaurant and bar. (347) 328-4057. Ask for Luis Cabrera. This is a very very charming hotel right around the corner. 
The Roger, 131 Madison Avenue, New York.
Dream Downtown, 355 W 16 Street, New York.

OTHER HELPFUL LINKS for free wedding websites. for directions.
General Marine Inc. for event insurance. for rentals.
MTA for subway, bus and train information. for street maps.
Holidays for 2016 and 2017 for sundown information.

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