We are two distinguished event venues!

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Manhattan Penthouse Corporate and Private Event Venue

Top NYC Penthouse Reception Venue for 50 to 200 guests

Manhattan Penthouse is a Wedding Venue atop this historic 5th Avenue building in NYC

Reception space with massive windows to showcase the NYC skylineThe Ballroom of our Manhattan event space, perfect for corporate and private eventsBest Skyline View of any wedding venue in NYC!

Special Winter and Summer Promotion: Lowered rates for this winter, spring and summer, 2016.


Summary: Manhattan Penthouse is a spacious, elegant, loft-like penthouse dedicated to family and corporate events combined with top catering and services for 100 to 200 guests.

  • The Only Full-Floor Penthouse Venue in NYC
  • Palladian Windows with Unsurpassed 360 Views
  • Your Exclusive Use of the Chic 8000 Sq. Ft. Floor
  • On 5th Avenue, One Block West of Union Square
  • World-Class Space, Cuisine, and Services
  • Fine Dinners for 200 with Large Dance Floor
  • Evening Dinners and Receptions and Daytime Events

Where else can you find the following?
A NYC event space that combines exclusive use of a huge Fifth Avenue Penthouse, awesome 360 views through signature Palladian windows, elegance and details enough to eschew over-decorating, and top, customized catering for up to 200 guests.








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Alger House

Huge, Magical Loft Space for 30 to 80 guests

The Great Room at Alger House, an affordable NYC Village Party Location

The Garden Room at Alger House is great for small ceremonies and smaller eventsThe Great Room at Alger House in the Village seats up 106 guests in half of the roomA Wedding Ceremony set up in the Great Room at Alger House, an Affordable Wedding Venue

Special Winter Promotion: 10% off rates for events booked January through March 2016

Summary: Alger House is a one-of-a-kind private event space for smaller, more affordable family and corporate events combined with top catering and services for 30 to 80 guests.

  • Rare Private Townhouse Ballroom
  • Great Option for Smaller Events
  • Dinners for 50-80 in Half the Long, Wide Great Room
  • Garden Room for Press, Brides, Small Ceremonies
  • Affordable Receptions and Great Value
  • Outstanding cuisine and service
  • Small Corporate, Wedding, Charity, and Personal Events

Are you planning a smaller event?
Alger House in the Village is a very large, private townhouse for smaller, affordable events for 30 to 80 guests. It was created by an artist in the 1970's from the first automobile garage in the area, and it is magical, interesting, and comfortable.