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80 Fifth Avenue in Sunset with Manhattan Penthouse at the top. Our PALLADIAN ROOM is surrounded by windows and reflections. The COMPASS ROOM is all about NORTH and SOUTH views. Every dining table has fiews of the party and the city. Many famous buildings await your gaze in our south views. Noga Andriani, our French Chef second from the left, our chef for almost 20 years, and colleagues Every table has views of the city. Molten Center Chocolate Cakes with Miniature Fruit Tarts. Coulibiac of Salmon. Reception Room surrounded by windows and views. A wedding couple get ready in the bride room A special table reserved just for you. South views one recent morning in March Headmaster Jim Neill of Landon School addresses alums recently 80 Fifth Avenue stands tall at the corner of 14th Street Manhattan PH catered the press party for this statue at Union Square The details and reflections in our Palladian room are very nice. We sponsored a little socceer team! These little kids can really play, in a beautiful indoor field.


Your first impression on walking into the Manhattan Penthouse Palladian Room is huge dramatic views through giant Palladian windows covering two walls, plus a large, beautiful, paneled, stained glass and mirrored bar with similarly styled panels continued around the room.  Then one moves into our spacious Compass Ballroom whose herringbone floors are bracketed by NORTH VIEWS with the Empire State Building and SOUTH VIEWS with the World Trade Center.  

Our Outdoors Aspects

At Manhattan Penthouse our walls are mainly windows, huge arched Palladian windows, flanked by trees and special lighting. We don’t have an outside, but our inside is light, airy, air conditioned and very outdoorsy. No matter where you are in our space, you can see your guests, and your city.

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