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Have your beautiful reception up here overlooking the city everywhere. Ceremony in the Compass Ballroom with Empire State Building looking on. The Palladian Room with magnificent bar and Palladian windows on two sides. Dining tables on the north side of the dance floor. More tables on the south side. Creative ceremony setup. Views of Fifth Avenue, Wall street, Freedom Tower and New Jersey. Our Bride's Room with Palladian window and Cheval mirror Gathering of Bride's Maids in the Bride's room Reception Room bar with Ballroom entrances on both sides. Our Palladian windows frame portraits of guests. Dining tables flanked by the city and the party on both sides of the large dance floor. The cutting of the wedding cake! For large groups we add a bar in the far right corner. Grand and elegant, intimate and inviting, Manhattan Penthouse has it all. A lovely portrait just after the ceremony! Some couples like a table for two flanked by important guest tables. East toward Union Square, Zeckendorf Plaza and Con Ed building. Looking from the south side of the dance floor to the north tables. Place cards and favors in a corner on the world of Manhattan. The Compass Ballroom is wonderful day and night! The Empire State Building ideantifies the location of this family happening! Every table has views of the city. 80 Fifth Avenue stands tall at 14th Street, one block west of Union Square A beautiful bride and ceremony in front of our great views. Great dance area. Some north views at night. Conveying important ideas to a couple. Things get informal into the reception! Children love Manhattan Penthouse. Details and Reflections in our Palladian Room We can seat 95 persons on each side of our spacious dance floor and 10 at the head table. Hurray! We're married! All dining tables just inside remarkable views. Great view at night east along 14th Street to Union Square and the Zeckenberg and Con Ed towers Walking down the aisle and into a new life together! A rainbow over our northeast views Celebrating! Appetizers nicely presented. See our Menu Slide Show. A wonderful table of appetizers creatively arranged. See our Menu Slide Show. Gathering in front of 80 fifth Avenue Fun moments in most ceremonies! A handsome couple worth watching! Our dining tables look very elegant. Our turn of the century Palladian Windows are polished to a gleam, and they often reflect our beautiful interior. A lacy chuppa for this ceremony. Our bride held an Elizabethan Wedding Reception with these tables! We brought in special tables for an Elizabethan Wedding Reception with an Elizabethan Menu. Great Palladian windows and views all around. Empire State Building looks on. Looking down 5th Avenue toward Union Square Park and NY University Watercolor of guests dining at Manhattan PH by Paul Cox Another award


Manhattan Penthouse on 5th Avenue is a beautiful, elegant, airy space for wedding ceremonies and receptions on Fifth Avenue just off Union Square hub. We offer exclusive use of the entire 8000 square foot penthouse floor. Our foods are superior, and our menu is large and eclectic. Our walls are mainly windows – giant silver Palladian windows with sweeping views of iconic real estate giving our space a feeling of endless dimensions. How great to be surrounded by family and friends, with the city wrapped around you! How great to be served cuisine that surprises many with its taste, elegance and generosity! We think we excell in several areas: Views, Decor, Cuisine, Services, Executives, Location, Value, and Fun.


Monika Nemeth and Jeno Steiner, our wonderful catering executives, professionally trained in college for our exciting business. For twenty years they have helped our brides with choices along the way and then commanded the event. Social networks reveal the the singing of their praises, along with our catering team and venue. We are known for being professional, reachable, and fun to work with.


Our company has catered to homes, offices, and rented venues since 1973, and our eclectic menus contain favorite choices from decades of culinary evolution. Our French chef, Noga Andriani, trained in Nice, has been at our culinary helm for twenty-five years, producing signature dishes beautifully and generously presented. As a very young chef he was head of banquets at the Parker Merridien Hotel, and he taught at the French Culinary Institute.


Our dream for decades was to have our own private venue where we could create our fine cuisine as well as design a modern loft-like space with handsome, traditional, non-commercial details. Searching high and low, we found our amazing site, and we turned former Readers Digest offices into our glamorous event venue. Our decor and our cuisine are a blend of traditional and modern.


Catering foods and designing spaces are all about searching for perfection, as any chef, artist or architect can tell you. Creative perfection may be difficult in a world of different and changing tastes. But our passion, truly, every day, is to come as close as possible. Our professional service of beautiful plates of food is very satisfying for guests.


We have been told many times that we produce a top value in terms of quality and generosity. But there are certain dates when we can do better, and our executives can guide you. For example winter and summer Sundays. Our venue feels amazing at a daytime event. ASK US ABOUT OUR SPECIALS ON DATES PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER.



For bar and bas mitzvah, medical school graduations, school proms, college reunions, private lunches and dinners, daytime and evening events, Manhattan Penthouse is a handsome, comfortable and different kind of space to meet and greet, eat and drink, with friends, family, and colleagues. Children love our space. We have years of experience catering in many styles, sequences and spacial layouts.  We are well-located on Fifth Avenue a block west of the Union Square hub.


Our many huge arched Palladian windows and views make our space an airy, exciting delight in the daytime for small or large gatherings of many kinds, including wedding receptions and mitzvahs.


A QUOTE WE LIKE FROM GUY FIERI: Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what the culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat.

“The top penthouse floor of this 5th Avenue Beaux Arts landmark building will take your breath away with commanding views in every direction. The space is immaculately designed to be a combination of traditional penthouse meets modern sleek loft, presenting a uniquely handsome setting that exudes New York style like no other with the Empire State Building as the backdrop. The moment when you say ‘I do” will enamor friends and family and live on as a magical tale to be told for generations.”

Written by Editor in Chief Samantha Sendor who chose Manhattan Penthouse for her wedding!
  • A handsome and extraordinary venue
  • Some of the best 360° views in Manhattan
  • Top cuisine, staff services and value
  • Highly complimented executives and staff
  • Great location just off Union Square hub
  • No need for over-decorating
  • Up to 200 seated with dancing
  • Discounts for certain less sought after days

Hi Jeno, Saturday exceeded my wildest expectations. Everything was perfect! The food, the ceremony, the staff...I can go on and on. Thank YOU. You made it happen!

When my husband and I decided to tour Manhattan Penthouse for our wedding, we instantly loved it. The City views are beautiful, the venue is warm and elegant, and the food is delicious! Monika Nemeth needs a special mention.  We could not have asked for a nicer, more professional, responsive, and organized person than Monika. We loved every part of our wedding and are so happy we booked this place!