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Manhattan Penthouse NYC wedding venue exterior photoWedding dinner and reception at Manhattan Penthousebride and groom celebrating at Manhattan PenthouseBride's parents carrying a special wedding cakeBride and groom at head table with their familyBride and Groom dancing first dance at Manhattan PenthouseManhattan Penthouse Reception RoomNYC wedding ceremony in the Compass Ballroom with Empire State Building in view.A creative wedding ceremony setup in the Compass BallroomViews of Fifth Avenue, Wall street, Freedom Tower and New Jersey from Manhattan Penthouse wedding venue spaceBride's room for changing and getting ready for ceremonyPhoto of the bride room with Palladian window and Cheval mirrorPhoto of bride's maids gathering in the bride's roomPhoto of our Reception Room bar with Ballroom entrances on both sidesWedding portraits in front of our Palladian windowsDining tables flanked by the city and the party on both sides of the large dance floor.A bride and groom cutting a wedding cakeTable set up in the Compass Ballroom with the Empire State Building in the backgroundA bride and groom walking down the aisleTable setup for bride and groomEastern view toward Union Square, Zeckendorf Plaza and Con Ed building.View of the Compass Ballroom looking toward dance floor and the north windows.Wonderful daytime views from Manhattan PenthouseDaytime photo of the Compass Ballroom and dance floorWedding photo with the Empire State Building visible in the background through Palladian windowsCandlelit table setup with view of Empire State BuildingAll dining tables are near windows with great viewsExterior photo of Manhattan Penthouse NYC wedding venueThe Palladian Room with magnificent bar and Palladian windows on two sides.Picture of bridal party during daytime wedding ceremonyImage of wedding party dancingNighttime view of New York City from the Compass Ballroom with Empire State Building visibleFriends dancing and laughing during a wedding receptionPhoto of children dancing in our child-friendly wedding venue on 5th AvenueGrand piano in the Palladian Room with beautiful view of ManhattanImage of the Compass Ballroom with tables setup and a large dance floorImage of wedding guests sitting at table with a beautiful view of New York City in the backgroundBride and groom walking down the aisle togetherA bride celebratingEast toward Union Square, Zeckendorf Plaza and Con Ed buildingNighttime view of NYC out of Manhattan Penthouse's Palladian windowsPolished Palladian windows with nighttime view of NYCA lacy chuppa above bride and groom during wedding ceremonyPlace cards and favors in a corner on the world of Manhattan.Nighttime view of New York City with Empire State Building visibleLooking down 5th Avenue toward Union Square Park and NY UniversityElizabethan wedding reception table setupManhattan Penthouse Reception RoomManhattan Penthouse Reception RoomThe bar in Manhattan Penthouse Reception RoomThe dance floor with tables and views on both sidesHead table in the BallroomTables and the south views in the BallroomA groom decorated the Ballroom with New York ScenesA groom decorated the ballroom with NYC scenesMany colors of napkins and linens in the Ballroom
Have your beautiful reception up here overlooking the city everywhere. Russian Wedding at Manhattan Penthouse Party action always surrounded by huge window views A very special cake presentation A very traditional style head table Palladian Room with Main Bar Ceremony in the Compass Ballroom with Empire State Building looking on. Creative ceremony setup. Views of Fifth Avenue, Wall street, Freedom Tower and New Jersey. Bride's Room Our Bride's Room with Palladian window and Cheval mirror Gathering of Bride's Maids in the Bride's room Reception Room bar with Ballroom entrances on both sides. Our Palladian windows frame portraits of guests. Dining tables flanked by the city and the party on both sides of the large dance floor. The cutting of the wedding cake! Grand and elegant, intimate and inviting, Manhattan Penthouse has it all. A lovely portrait just after the ceremony! Some couples like a table for two flanked by important guest tables. East toward Union Square, Zeckendorf Plaza and Con Ed building. Looking from the south side of the dance floor to the north tables. Amazing late daytime colors in our northeast corner! The Compass Ballroom is wonderful day and night! The Empire State Building identifies the location of this family happening! Every table has views of the city. Dining tables always near our views 80 Fifth Avenue stands tall at 14th Street, one block west of Union Square The Palladian Room with magnificent bar and Palladian windows on two sides. A beautiful bride and ceremony in front of our great views. Great dance area. Some north views at night. Things get informal into the reception! Children love Manhattan Penthouse. Details and Reflections in our Palladian Room We can seat 95 persons on each side of our spacious dance floor and 10 at the head table. All dining tables just inside remarkable views. Walking down the aisle and into a new life together! Celebrating! Looking down 5th Avenue toward Union Square Park and NY University Great Palladian windows and views all around. Our turn of the century Palladian Windows are polished to a gleam, and they often reflect our beautiful interior. A lacy chuppa for this ceremony. Place cards and favors in a corner on the world of Manhattan. Empire State Building looks on. Looking down 5th Avenue toward Union Square Park and NY University Our bride held an Elizabethan Wedding Reception with these tables! Palladian Room. Always an extra bar when necessary. Extra bar in the Palladian Room. Great Views everywhere. Our beautiful bar with doorways to the Compass Ballroom Large dance floor with seating and big views on both sides Table for two in front of Empire State Building South Views of World Trade Center, Wall Street, Jersey City A Groom set up many local iconic city representations at Manhattan Penthouse Iconic Manhattan sites set up We can help you develop a colorful decor palet!

Manhattan Penthouse WEDDING VENUE on Fifth Avenue

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Our best number of guests is between 75 and 200 guests in terms of comfort and pricing. Manhattan penthouse, one of the best wedding venues in Manhattan, is a unique combination of several strengths, which we describe below. If you have less than 75, see " Smaller Sister Venues" at the top of the page.


Executive Chef Andriani, classically trained in Nice, has evolved the menu at Manhattan Penthouse to a unique collection of eclectic offerings that have earned top reviews. Favorite dishes over the years have been retained, and new signature dishes with the bright flavors and artistic looks of today have been added.

Guests are served an exciting parade of hors d'oeuvre and courses, and top cuisine surrounded by panoramic views adds up to a fine dining experience. It is easy to serve a lot of wonderful hors d'oeuvre, but we really stand out in delivering perfectly prepared and arranged main courses to a large group.

Guests are seated around a large dance floor bordered on both north and south sides by elegantly appointed dining tables and a wall of city views. For catering Manhattan Penthouse is one of the top Wedding Venues in Manhattan NY.

best 360 degree views in new york

Manhattan Penthouse looks out over Manhattan in every direction from its 8000 sauare foot perch at the top of a tall beaux arts building in lower midtown. Glorious daytime and nightime views surround the handsome space adding infinite dimensions and prestige.

To the north are the Empire State Building and Times Square; to the east, Zeckendorf Towers and Union Square; to the south, the World Trade Center and Wall Street; and, to the southwest, Jersey City and the Hudson. 


Our huge arched Palladian windows, more window than wall, frame our awesome views. We think our views are more like giant cubist paintings by being framed so beautifully, as opposed to the glass walls of modern buildings.

During the long days of the spring and summer, and on Sundays, guests enjoy dramatic changes in lighting from day into the night.


Ceremonies usually take place in front of our north middle Palladian window with the Empire State Building "looking on" and showing its colors, thus marking the city and the season of the historic family event. See this relationship in some of our ceremony photos.

 Dining tables are set up but hidden during the ceremony and are quickly moved into place afterward, transforming the Compass Ballroom for elegant dining while guests are enjoying drinks and hors d'oeuvre in the Palladian Reception Room.


The Manhattan Penthouse Venue on iconic Fifth Avenue at 14th Street looks down on the Union Square Park transportation and hotel hub one block east and on a partner garage across the street. Washington Square Park is a few blocks down the Avenue, great for pre-ceremony photos.

A STUNNING First Impression

Arriving at our Reception Room, guests are greeted by giant silvery arched Palladian windows with stunning views north and east. A large custom oak, stained glass and mirrored bar on the west wall is echoed by stained glass and mirrored panels around the room between the windows.

Cushioned window seats and herringbone floors complete a handsome I'd-like-to-live-here look. In a leading article on the top 12 wedding venues in NYC, Kim Forrest wrote, "We love how the loft space combines historic elegance with a modern loft feel."

Manhattan Penthouse is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Manhattan and one of the most unique wedding venues Manhattan, but its decor, and handsome combination of white, silver and oak, is not overwhelming and distracting, allowing couples to insert their personal tastes in making choices.


Monika Nemeth and Jeno Steiner are our two dedicated and media-praised catering executives in charge of helping you plan a personalized celebration. They are quickly and always reachable in the months prior to your event, and they attend your reception to personally make sure everything is perfect.

Both began their professional training in the top hotel and restaurant school in Budapest and have helped clients achieve their goals for over twenty years at Manhattan Penthouse making your experience comfortable, comprehensive, rewarding and fun. They can discuss many options and customized details, and they are familiar with individual vendors who have helped our clients.

To begin planning your wedding ceremony, reception, or other event at the Manhattan Penthouse please call 212-627-8838 or send in our Contact Us form, linked at the top of the page.

Unique Integration of Strengths

The Manhattan Penthouse experience is the result of the integration of a number of powerful features, including convenient and iconic location, amazing views, handsome Palladian decor, extraordinary cuisine, great planning help, and tremendous value.

Couples are supported in their desires to involve their important traditions and preferences in planning a reception at our much heralded party venue.

very small weddings and wedding related events at alger house and sassy

For small wedding venues Manhattan and showers, birthdays, welcoming receptions, rehearsal dinners, and morning-after brunches for 15 to 75 guests, consider Manhattan Penthouse’s two sister venues, Sassy and Alger House. See "Smaller Sister Venues" link at the top of the pages.

Best deals in winter and summer months when the demand is reduced.

For good deals consider a reception occuring within a few months; a Saturday luncheon reception; or a Friday or Sunday winter or summer reception.

please see floor plans and table arrangements for various group sizes below.

We use tables for 10 guests each mostly, and they surround the large dance floor. Our floor plan is perfect for a wedding sequence. Our bride's room in the northwest corner is outfitted with drinks on your day. The handicap bathroom is perfect for a groom's changing.


We show Manhattan Penthouse almost every day, and we hope you can come see us. If you fill out the Contact Us form, we will get back to you very soon.  Or call 212-627-8838.  Also 212-PARTIES will work too.

What event services does Manhattan Penthouse offer?

Manhattan Penthouse offers complete event planning and production services, and it supplies all the resources for a wedding reception: food, bar, wine, equipment, staff, set up, clean up, liability insurance, and help in areas of design, lighting, sound, and Wi-Fi. Manhattan Penthouse does not generally provide music, flowers, photography, wedding cakes, or officiants, but we keep a great list of top vendors in the section on Menus and Planning.

What are Manhattan Penthouse’s prices?

In order to produce the best value for clients, Manhattan Penthouse pricing varies according to the number of guests, day of the week, month of the year, menu choices, bar and wine choices, and date proximity. Manhattan Penthouse executives can quote a price range based on several basic details. We help clients achieve their budgets and dreams.

How do I get to Manhattan Penthouse?

Manhattan Penthouse probably has the best traveling options of any wedding venue because of its location off Union Square where guests can arrive on the N, Q, R, W, L, 4, 5 and 6 trains. Alternately, they can arrive a block or two west on the 1, F, E, and M trains and the Path from New Jersey. Numerous buses run down Fifth Avenue or across 14th Street. Travel by taxi, traditional car service, Lyft, or Uber can be easily arranged. Discounted parking is available at Imperial Garage at 7 East 14th Street, about 300 feet away, when the parking ticket is stamped by our coat check to get half price.

Is Manhattan Penthouse wheelchair accessible?

Three passenger elevators and one freight elevator travel up to Manhattan Penthouse, and one of the three powder rooms is wheelchair accessible and can be used for changing. Our staff will accommodate any mobility needs. Most events at Manhattan take place in the evening and on weekends when thebuilding and elevators are not used much.


Executive Chef Noga Andriani, classically trained in France, has crafted menus for Manhattan Penthouse since the beginning in 1992. The techniques of French Cuisine are important at Manhattan Penthouse in creating rich, light, generous sauces and basic preparations. But our Menus have become very eclectic, as we have incorporated successive and recent waves of fresh culinary trends. Our preparations are up to date in terms of the rustic and artistic styles of today. Manhattan Penthouse emphasizes the freshest ingredients, which arrive very early in the day for immediate preparation by a great team of chefs. Manhattan Penthouse emphasizes elegant, artistic plating styles, efficient delivery of the courses, and a wide range of delicious hors d’oeuvre and wonderful signature sauces.


This room offers a 300 square foot private space for the couple and the wedding party, complete with comfortable chairs, fine paneling, a selection of drinks, a Palladian window, Cheval mirror, and a proximity to the powder rooms, one of which can be used by the groom for changing.


Audiovisual Equipment includes a podium, wired and wireless mics, highspeed Wi-Fi, iPod connections, stereo system, a large tripod screen, projector, and black-out curtains. Electricity is mostly 115 volt 15-20 amp circuits, but 400 amps can be tapped by a technician, when a Certificate of insurance would be required.


Lighting includes inside and outside lighting of Manhattan Penthouse’s Palladian windows to add their sculptural presence to the environment. Pin spots highlight important areas including bands, buffets and table centerpieces. Colored wall washes are available.


Music amenities include a classic Baldwin grand piano, stereo systems, and an iPod connection. There is ample space for DJs and bands. The piano is on wheels and can be positioned where one wants.


Powder Rooms include two ladies’ rooms and a men’s room with multiple fixtures.


Catering equipment includes the finest silver and service pieces, Kings Shell silverware, fine china, elegant crystal, round tables with cream linens to the floor, and silver ballroom chairs with pillow cushions. Tables, linens and other details can be customized to suit a particular style or tradition.


Decor includes a large, custom bar with modern design stained glass and mirror panels, the burnished steel Palladian windows, and the stained glass and mirror panels between the windows that echo the bar design. Cushioned window seats, park benches, illuminated ficus trees, beautiful oak herringbone floors, and arched mirrors add to a space that is handsome, low-key and non-commercial, reminiscent of fine, artistic Soho residence lofts. Our palette is white, silver and oak. We are an interesting blend of  traditional and modern features, producing a very supportive and unobtrusive look.


Elevators include three passenger elevators and a freight elevator. Loading to the freight elevator is easily accessed from Fifth Avenue. Most events at Manhattan Penthouse take place in the evening or weekend when the building is mostly empty. 


Manhattan Penthouse’s 8000-square-foot, full-floor penthouse boasts the 4000-square-foot Compass Ballroom, the 2500-square-foot Reception Room, and a 400-square-foot lounge or bridal room. The space can be configured for a wide range of guests, seating plans, and catering strategies that include seated dinners with dancing for up to 200 guests.


“The top penthouse floor of this 5th Avenue Beaux Arts landmark building will take your breath away with commanding views in every direction. The space is immaculately designed to be a combination of traditional penthouse meets modern sleek loft, presenting a uniquely handsome setting that exudes New York style like no other with the Empire State Building as the backdrop. The moment when you say ‘I do” will enamor friends and family and live on as a magical tale to be told for generations.”

Written by Editor in Chief of a major wedding magazine who chose Manhattan Penthouse for her wedding!
  • A handsome and extraordinary venue
  • Some of the best 360° views in Manhattan
  • Top cuisine, staff services and value
  • Highly complimented executives and staff
  • Great location just off Union Square hub
  • No need for over-decorating
  • Up to 200 seated with dancing
  • Discounts for certain less sought after days


Hi Jeno, Saturday exceeded my wildest expectations. Everything was perfect! The food, the ceremony, the staff...I can go on and on. Thank YOU. You made it happen!

When my husband and I decided to tour Manhattan Penthouse for our wedding, we instantly loved it. The City views are beautiful, the venue is warm and elegant, and the food is delicious! Monika Nemeth needs a special mention.  We could not have asked for a nicer, more professional, responsive, and organized person than Monika. We loved every part of our wedding and are so happy we booked this place!